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Red stones studded gold coated silver pendant from GRT Jewellers.

Product Code: SO14110124

Price: Rs. 4,554

Purity: 92.5%

Weight: 14.58 grams

Metal: Silver


Flower shaped red and green stones studded gold coated silver pendant.

Product Code: SP14110121

Price: Rs. 3,979

Purity: 92.5%

Weight: 12.74 grams

Metal: Silver




Antique style green, white and red stones studded gold plated silver pendant

Product Code: SP14110131

Price: Rs. 3,423

Purity: 92.5%

Weight: 10.96 grams

Metal: Silver



Gold Plated Silver Pendant is studded with green and red stones and gold drops hanging the pendant.

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Product Code: SP14110125

Price: Rs. 3,074

Purity: 92.5%

Weight: 13.11 grams

Metal: Silver

To Purchase above pendants please contact GRT Jewellers website here

Phone Number: 044 2346 1551, 23461447


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